How to make a report

We want hear what happened to you in your own words. Your reports are anonymous and confidential. We don't share any identifying details you might share about you. You get to decide how much you want to tell us. Here are a few questions to think about:

When? What time of day was it? Do you remember the date or day of the week?

Where? Did you meet at their house – do you remember the address? Were you in a car – what it did look like, license plate numbers? Were you taken to another location?

Who? Was it a man, woman, trans person? What did they look like – hair, eyes, clothes, height, weight, tattoos? What was the name they used? Was there more than one person?

What happened? Tell us what happened in your own words. Can you repeat parts of the conversation?

About you? If you are ok with it, please tell us a little about you. Are you a woman, man, trans person? About what age are you? How would you describe your cultural/racial background? Are you visiting from another city? Are you ok?

All information you give is helpful. See more possible questions here.

Then choose the easiest way to report:

1. tell the outreach worker who told you about us

2. call our 24 hour voicemail at 414-810-6237

3. send a text to 414-810-6237

4. email us at

5. make a report here on our website

We'll take the reports and put them into the next monthly booklet.

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