More questions to help make a report

Tell us what happened to you in your own words, as much as you can or feel comfortable telling us. Here are some suggestions to help you remember what happened and let you know what info would be helpful.

When? Do you remember the day, time or day of the week?

Where? Did you meet at their house or apartment? Do you remember the address or cross streets close by? Did you meet on a street – near which streets?

Were you in a car – what it did look like – a truck, minivan, taxi, police car, two-door, four-door? What color? Do you remember all or part of the license plate number? Was it clean or messy? Was there stuff broken on the car? Did the car have a child car seat?

Was it at a hotel room? Did you know them from the neighborhood or through a friend? Did you meet a bar, club or event? Did you meet through the internet? Were you taken to another location?

Who? A man, woman, trans person, not sure? How old do you think they are? Were they white, African-American, Hispanic/Latino, Asian/Pacific Islander, Native American, Biracial, don’t know? Did they speak with an accent? What was their body type: short, tall, thin, medium, fat, muscular or “beefy”? What was their hair like? Short or long? Bald or shaved? Crew cut, curly, dreads, braids, straight? What color was it? Eye color? Did they have glasses? Did they have facial hair? Did they have marks on the body, such as tattoos, scars, birth marks? Where on the body? What was the name or nickname they used? What they do for a living? Did they smoke? Was there more than one person?

What happened? Tell us what happened in your own words. What was the FIRST thing the bad date said to you? (Some bad dates use the same opening line or say the same phrase when out to hurt someone.) If on the internet, what did they write to you? If on the phone, what did they say and what kind of impression did they make on you? Can you repeat parts of the conversation? Was there a weapon involved? Are there any more details? Did you try to report to the police?

About you? If you are ok with it, please tell us a little about you. Are you a woman, man, trans person? How old are you? How would you describe your race/cultural background? Are you visiting from another city? One more thing: Are you or the person you are reporting for okay? If your bad date happened a while ago, we still want to hear it.

You can find this form to download here:

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